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Circular Hike at Nahal Tze’elim – Challenging Hike in the Tze’elim Canyon to the Ein Namir Spring

Nahal Tze’elim is a riverbed located near the Dead Sea, between the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve and Masada. The river is one of the largest which flows from the Hevron Mountains to the Dead Sea. Three caves were found along the stream: the arrows cave, the scrolls cave, and the skull cave. There are four pools of water along Nahal Tze’elim, the Tzfira pool, the Naama pool, the Ein Namir spring and the Ein Anava spring; this trail passes the Ein Anava spring and the Ein Namir Spring which flows year round with clear water.

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Challenging hike at Ein Gedi – Maale Bnei HaMoshavim and Maale Ein Gedi

Maale bnei hamoshavim was the first trail in Ein Gedi which was made in recent times. It is named bnei hamoshavim after the youth group which made the trail in 1963. The trail leads from the Nahal Arugot Wadi to the desert plateau above Ein Gedi.  The trail is difficult and requires climbing up the rocks at some points.

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