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Hike in Upper Nahal Og – Very challenging hike in the Judean Desert

This hike in Nahal Og bears no resemblance to the classic lower Nahal Og hike with the three waterfalls. This is probably the most “technically” difficult hike I have ever done, with a number of spots where my fellow hikers had to help each other. Having said that, it was amazing and great fun – but it should not be attempted alone or by inexperienced hikers.

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Scroll of Fire Sculpture in the Judean Hills – Sculpture in Martyrs Forest in Israel

The Scroll of Fire sculpture, Gviley Ha’aish in Hebrew, is a large memorial to the Holocaust, located in the Martyrs Forest in the Judean Hills. The bronze sculpture portrays the trauma of the Holocaust and the rebirth of the Jewish nation. The sculpture, by Nathan Rapoport, was dedicated in 1971, after three and a half years of work.

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