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Shmuel HaNavi’s tomb in Israel – Samuel the Prophets tomb at Nabi Samuel

The grave of Shmuel HaNavi, known in Arabic as Nabi Samuel, is located just north of Jerusalem. While some question whether this is really the grave site of Samuel the prophet, Jewish tradition dating back to the middle ages holds that this is his tomb.

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Ramparts Walk National Park – Jerusalem’s old city ramparts

The ramparts walk along the top of Jerusalem’s old city walls provides a new view into parts of the old city which are otherwise inaccessible, and a view into the lives of the inhabitants of the old city. The views from the walls of the old city as well as the new city are spectacular.

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Ein Fara Spring – En Prat Spring – Nahal Prat Nature Reserve

Nahal Prat is a canyon created by a riverbed running from North of Jerusalem to the Jordan River above the Dead Sea. It is located in the Judean desert. Nahal Prat, also refered to as Wadi Kelt, has three main springs. Ein Prat, also known as Ein Fara, is the upper spring. Ein Fawwar, also known as Ein Maboa, is the middle spring. Ein Kelt is the lower spring. The Prat River is also fed by flash floods in Israel’s Judean hills.

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