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Mount Zion walking tour – Walking tour of Har Tzion in Jerusalem

This tour begins at the Jaffa Gate and ends on Mount Zion at Oskar Schindler’s grave. Bring plenty of water and comfortable walking shoes.

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Jewish Quarter walking tour – Walking tour from the Jaffa Gate to the Western Wall

The Jewish Quarter was rebuilt after the six day war. Reconstruction of the Jewish Quarter took place from 1969-1985, at the end of which 600 Jewish families were housed there; the reconstruction included excavations and archeological digs, as well as building modern homes and institutions. This tour winds through the Northern part of the Jewish Quarter, taking you through the ancient sites and new buildings.

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Walking tour of Mishkenot Sha’ananim and Yemin Moshe – walking tour outside the old city

By the mid 19th century, about 15,000 Jews, Muslims and Christians lived in the old city of Jerusalem; about a third of the residents were Jews. Despite the overcrowding conditions, the poverty and filth, the residents of the city were unwilling to leave the holy city. The area around the city was filled with marauders and thieves, as well as wild animals. The gates of the old city were locked at sunset each day and opened only at sunrise, thus protecting the inhabitants of the city.

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