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Oz V’Gaon Memorial – Oz Ve’gaon Nature Reserve in Gush Etzion

Oz V’Gaon nature reserve is a memorial for three Israeli youth who were killed by terrorists in the summer of 2014; the kidnapping and murder was one of the events which led up to Operation Protective Edge (Tzuk Eitan, in Hebrew) against Hamas terrorists.

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Ein Moda Spring in the Beit She’an Valley – En Moda Spring in Israel

Ein Moda Spring is located in the Beit She’an Valley. Although the valley is dry and hot, it has numerous springs. Ein Moda is one of the sweetest springs in the Beit She’an Valley. The spring flows all year round and has a constant temperature of 24 degrees Celsius.

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Gan Guru kangaroo park in Israel – Gan Guru Australian zoo in the Jordan Valley

Gan Guru is an Australian zoo in Israel. You will see animals which are generally found only in Australia, such as kangaroos, koalas, and Australian emus and kakadus. You can feed the kangaroos and watch the koalas being fed.

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