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Timna Copper Mines near Eilat – the Mushroom Rock in Timna

The Timna Copper Mines are located just outside of Eilat. The mines were used by the Egyptians in the 14th-12th periods BCE. Timna is now a large national park.

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Timna Copper Mines – Ancient Smelting furnaces and Storage Rooms

The Timna Copper Mines are located just outside of the city of Eilat. The copper mines date back to the Egyptian Ramsesside period (13-12 centuries BCE). Inside Timna park, storage rooms and tool production areas were found. Crushed ore and crushing tools were found at the site. Mud for lining the oven and bellows was prepared here. A workshop for pouring copper for producing tools was found. An oven was found, and a slag ditch for disposal of the leftovers from the smelting can be seen. A shrine for the ancient copper workers to give offerings to their deities is also at this site.

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Flamingoes at Avrona near Eilat – Evrona Salt Ponds are home to flamingoes

The Evrona salt ponds are home to hundreds of flamingoes. Originally the flamingoes stopped in Eilat only briefly, but within a few years, the young began staying. Now, the young flamingos live there that the older flamingos return after winter. The young ones can be recognized as they are white, while the older flamingos are pink.

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