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Eilat Art Gallery – Municipal Art Gallery in Eilat

The Eilat Gallery displays artwork by local Eilat artists. The gallery is located opposite the Eilat museum. The artwork inside the museum is for sale, yet the display gives the visitors the feeling of walking through a museum rather than a shop.

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Museum of the History of Eilat – Eilat City Museum

The Eilat museum tells the history of the city of Eilat, highlighting milestones over the years. Photographs and displays in the museum include the ink flag being raised in Eilat after the city was liberated in 1949, the new port being opened along with the Straits of Tiran in 1956, and the peace agreement with Egypt in 1982.

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David Ben-Gurion’s Kibbutz home – Ben Gurion’s house in Sde Boker

David Ben-Gurion was the first prime minister of Israel. When he resigned from the government in 1953, he joined the newly formed Kibbutz Sde Boker in the Negev. He and his wife Paula lived in a simple hut (tsrif in Hebrew), expanded slightly to receive David’s many visitors.

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