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Trumpeldor Cemetery in Tel Aviv – Where the founders of Tel Aviv were buried

The Trumpeldor Cemetery in Tel Aviv contains the graves of many of the important historical figures from the last century. The cemetery was founded in 1902, and contains the graves of the founders of Tel Aviv, such as Shimon Rokach and Meir Dizengoff, as well as writers such as Chaim Nachman Bialik and Ehad Ha’am.

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Independence Hall – Meir Dizengoff’s house in Tel Aviv

Independence Hall, located in the home of Tel Aviv mayor Meir Dizengoff, is the site where Israel proclaimed independence in 1948. The hall is arranged as it was on that day, with place cards marking the seating arrangements at the historic event. In addition to the hall, a number of exhibits show the various drafts of the declaration, and a number of additional artifacts related to Israel’s independence.

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Tel Aviv’s First City Hall – photographs and videos from old Tel Aviv

The Museum of the History of Tel-Aviv-Jaffa is located in the first city hall, known as Beit Ha’Ir. The museum, which opened in the end of 2009, displays photographs collected from the residents of Tel Aviv and old video clips. The office of Meir Dizengoff is also on display inside.

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