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Tel Giborim Youth Park in Holon – Tel Arish Pillbox Memorial in Holon

The Youth Park in Tel Giborim is located on the highest hilltop in Holon, where the Arabs had an observation post before the War of Independence. The memory of the nineteen soldiers who lost their lives at Tel Giborim is preserved in the pillbox memorial.

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Gan HaMa’ayan in Rishon Lezion – Ein Hakorey Spring – Ma’ayan Shimshon Spring in Rishon le-Tsiyon

Gan HaMa’ayan in Rishon Lezion was where the springs of Rishon Lezion surfaced. The founders of Rishon Lezion, led by Zalman Levontin, called the spring “Ein HaKorey” or “Maayan Shimshon”, from the biblical story in Judges, chapter 15.

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