Suspended Bridges at Nesher Park – Hiking trails at Nesher

Nesher Park is located in the town of Nesher, just outside of Haifa. The park has 200 dunams of forest, but is best known for its 70-meter long suspended bridges made of wood and steel which cross the Kati’a riverbed.

supsended bridge

The Park has picnic tables and a playground, in addition to trails for hiking on and the suspended bridges.

The forest in the park has oak, pine, carob, and terebinth trees.  The hiking trails lead through the forest and down into the riverbed.

A wide path along the top of the park leads to the bridges; although the path is just a dirt trail, strollers can easily be pushed along the trail. Benches are placed at convenient intervals along the trail to allow for people to rest.

The upper path will take half an hour, while the hiking trails can take up to two hours.

map of the trails in the park

To get there: take route 752 south from Haifa or north from Yagur. Turn south at Nesher on route 705. Turn right at Derech Moshe, and then left onto HaHaruv Street. The park entrance is signposted.

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