Majrassa Nature Reserve – Majrase estuary – Daliyot River estuary

The Majrassa (alternative spellings: Majraseh, Majrase) or Daliyot River estuary is the largest freshwater nature reserve in Israel. The Daliyot River carries water from the Golan, forming lagoons as it reaches the Sea of Galilee (Kineret in Hebrew).

The Daliyot River (Nahal Daliyot in Hebrew) is one of five streams running through the Beit Saida (alternative spellings: Bethsaida, Beit Tsaida) valley. Nahal Daliyot’s estuary is commonly referred to as the Majrassa.

majrassa lagoon

The nature reserve is about 5000 dunams in size and includes agricultural land. The lagoons formed at the estuary of the Daliyot River and the other rivers in the Beit Saida valley create a good breeding place for the Sea of Galilee fish.

Aside from fish, you can find turtles and crabs in the water. The trees include the common willow, oleander, and hemp trees. According to legend, the hemp tree was the plant which the ram held on to at the sacrifice of Isaac.

Entry point: Follow the signs to the water edge. Enter the water where the sign says “caution, deep water”; Walk in the direction of the current. The height of the water in the lagoons depends on the amount of rainfall that year. At some points in the lagoon, children may need to swim.

Exit when there are eucalyptus trees on both sides of the river. Return on foot on the dry path next to the river. The walk is about 2 hours long, an easy walk, but requires climbing over stones in the river.

majrassa lagoon

Tip: The Nature Reserve is at the northeastern side of the Kineret. Approach on route 92, until the Maale Gamle intersection. Turn towards the Kineret, on to the dirt road opposite route 869.

Tip: It is likely to slip and get soaked, so dress appropriately, with comfortable, closed water shoes (not thongs, as they are likely to break). Flotation devices are advisable for young children or non swimmers.

Tip: This site is not wheelchair accessible.

Tip: There is an entrance fee.

Tip: The nature reserve is open for the standard hours for nature reserves in Israel.

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