Yehiam Fortress National Park – Yehiam crusader fortress protects settlers in 1948

Yehiam Fortress (Mivtzar Yechiam, in Hebrew) National Park is a Crusader fortress in the Galilee. The fortress was destroyed by the Baybars in 1265. The settlers of Kibbutz Yehiam used the fortress walls as protection during the Israeli war of independence.


the fortress

The Yehiam fortress was built by the Crusaders in the 12th century. It was later sold, along with the Montfort Fortress nearby, to the Crusader Teutonic Knights. The Mamluk Baybars conquered the fortress in 1265 and destroyed it. In the 18the century, the Bedouin Sheikh Daher Al-Omar, built new towers and walls and added a moat.

In 1946, Kibbutz Yehiam was established, with the original residents living in the fortress ruins. The fortifications protected them from Bedouin raids and later during the war of independence.

What to see

The Yehiam fortress includes a mosque, watch tower, assembly hall, and spectacular views from many angles. The defensive positions used in the war of independence have also been restored, and they tell the story of the battle which waged here.

Tip: Yehiam Fortress is 20 minutes east of Nahariya. Take route 89 east from Nahariya, until Ga’aton Junction. Then take road 8833 south, following the signs to the fortress.

Tip: The fortress is open during the standard park hours in Israel. 8:00-16:00 in the winter, and 8:00-17:00 in the summer.

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