Banias suspended trail – Suspended trail over the Hermon River at the Banias Nature Reserve

The Banias suspended trail is a new path which allows visitors to the Banias Nature Reserve the opportunity to enter parts of the nature reserve which were previously inaccessible to visitors. The suspended trail, which opened in March 2010, provides a wooden trail over the rapids of the Hermon River, through a basalt canyon.

view from the suspended trail

The path leads against the rush of the water below, allowing you to feel the strength of the flowing water. The trail was built manually, for the most part, in order to prevent damage to nature.

The suspended trail is 80 meters long, and takes about 45 minutes to complete.  The entire hike begins at the waterfalls parking lot, and ends after a visit to the Banias waterfall. The descent to the trail and the ascent in return are the only difficult areas, making it a short but moderate hike.


the suspended trail

Tip: The suspended trail leads from the Waterfall parking lot of the Banias National Park. To get there, take route 99 from Kiryat Shemona, until you see a sign on your right to the Banias Waterfall.

Tip: The nature reserve is open during the standard hours for National Parks in Israel. In winter, 8:00-16:00 and in summer, 8:00-17:00

Tip: There is an entrance fee.

Tip: There are facilities at the entrance to the nature reserve.

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