Meshushim Pool in the Golan Heights – Hexagonal pool in the Meshushim Stream Reserve

The Meshushim Pool (Hebrew: בריכת המשושים), or hexagonal pool, is located in the Meshushim Nature Reserve in the Golan Heights. The Meshushim Reserve is actually part of the Yehudiya Nature Reserve.

The cool water from the Meshushim Stream is refreshing even in summer. The temperature is generally 18 degrees Celsius (about 64 degrees Fahrenheit).


the hexagonal pool

The large pool of water is surrounded by hexagonal pillars of basalt stone. The hexagonal pillars are formed by the slow cooling of layers of lava over a long time. The lava molecules are round, but when they cool, they form polygonal shapes. Most of the pillars have five or six sides.

The pool trail, marked with red trail markings, takes you down to the meshushim pool. The return is uphill, making this a moderate hike due to the steep climb. The climb is about 20 minutes going down, and another 30 minutes back up.


the pool

If you would like to turn this visit into a longer hike, take the 3 kilometer circular stream trail. This trail, marked with blue trail markings, takes you deeper into the canyon, and requires climbing a 3 meter wall using the handholds in the rock. The trail then leads to the Meshushim pool, before returning along the pool trail.

Tip: To get there, take route 888 from Had Nes, heading North. There is a turn on the right, after about 2.5 kilometers, which leads to the reserve.

Tip: The Meshushim reserve is open during the standard park hours in Israel: 8:00-16:00 in winter, 8:00-17:00 in summer.

Tip: There is an entrance fee.

Tip: There are facilities.

Tip: The lookout trail, a 15 minute trail provides views of the area. It is wheelchair accessible.

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