Ancient Jewish town at Tel Tzuba – Crusader Fortress at Tel Tsuba near Jerusalem

Tel Tzuba was an ancient Jewish town during the time of King David; some historians believe that the town dates back to the time of Joshua Bin-Nun, believing it to be the town of Tzores mentioned in the book of Joshua.

Tel Tzuba

A Crusader fortress was built on the site in 1170, to guard the road to Jerusalem. The Crusaders called it Belmont. The fortress was captured by Saladin in 1191.

During the Israeli War of Independence in 1948, the Arabs stationed at Tzuba frequently attacked the Jews on the Tel Aviv-Jerusalem highway. The Palmach conquered the village of Tzuba in 1948, during Operation Danny on July 12-13. Most of the villagers fled before the Israelis conquered the town, but the remaining villagers were expelled. Soon afterwards, Kibbutz Palmach was established there, later to be renamed Kibbutz Tzova.

By the entrance to Tel Tzuba, two ancient trees still stand: an 800 year old oak tree and a 1200 year old olive tree.

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