German Hospice – St. Mary’s crusader hospice – Crusader Church

The Crusader Church was first built during the 12th century when Jerusalem was under Crusader rule. The hospice was run by the Teutonic Church and the Order of the Teutonic Knights. The hospice was known as St Mary’s of the German Knights, and was used to care for the sick crusaders who arrived in Jerusalem.

Moslems conquered Jerusalem in 1187 CE. In 1219, they destroyed much of the city, and it is assumed that the crusader church and hospice was destroyed at this time as well. It was rebuilt around 1230-1240, when it lasted at least until 1260 before it was destroyed again.

Teutonic Knight

A GPR survey on the property was done in 2003. Reconstructed plans of the original building can be seen on the wall in the courtyard of the hospice.

The property is currently owned by the Aish HaTorah Yeshiva, and can be reached from the steps descending to the Kotel, or western wall. From further down on the steps, you can see the upper level of the hospice with its windows facing towards the kotel.

Tip: No entrance fee is required.

Tip: This site is not wheelchair accessible, as stairs are required.
Tip: Walking in the old city can be slippery, especially when the ground is wet, so wear shoes with good traction.

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