Jerusalem Street Art – walking tour of street art in Jerusalem

Jerusalem has beautiful pictures painted on the sides of buildings in the center of town and in the Mahane Yehuda Shuk.


the marketplace

In 1999, Jerusalem contracted the French company Cite’ Cre’ation, which specializes in street art. The company is very idealistic and only draws pictures in poor areas. In 1999, the shuk and center of town were neglected and run down; the artists in the French company were interested.

This walking tour takes you past a few of the street paintings by the French artists and other Israeli artists who learned from the French experts, and takes you to the Mahane Yehuda shuk and the center of town.

children in Jerusalem

Begin the walk at the corner of Jaffa and Strauss Streets. Here is a painting of the light rail system in Jerusalem, painted by Cite’  Cre’ation artists in 2001.

Walk south on King George Street until you reach Ben Yehuda Street. Turn left on Ben Yehuda and walk until you reach 21 Ben Yehuda Street. Here you can see a painting of children of Jerusalem.

After viewing the painting walk south on Ben Yehuda Street until it becomes Bezalel Street. At 11 Bezalel Street, on the Gerard Behar Center Building is a painting by Gavriel Cohen. The painting, entitled “Around the world in 92 days”, took Cohen 92 days to paint. The original painting can be seen in the Israel Museum; it is only 3 meters wide as opposed to the wall painting which is 18 meters wide.

Continue on Bezalel Street until you reach Nissim Bechar Street. Turn right and walk through the Nahlaot neighborhood until you reach Agrippas Street. At 48 Agrippas Street, you can see a painting of an imaginary marketplace.

Tip: It is recommended to have a map with you while walking this route.

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