Samaritan Museum in Kiryat Luza – Samaritan museum on Har Gerizim

The Samaritan museum in Kiryat Luza is run by the Samaritan priest, Yefet ben Asher. The museum displays show a Samaritan Torah scroll, Samaritan matza (unleavened bread for the feast of Passover), a succah, and various other artifacts which represent their culture and religion.

Samaritan priest with the torah scroll

Samaritan priest with the torah scroll

Priest Yefet ben Asher, the manager and curator of the museum, guides his visitors in Hebrew, while a Muslim woman from nearby Nablus (Shechem) guides the visitors in English. Their guiding provides insight into who the Samaritan people are, as well as their customs and lifestyle.

The museum is located in Kiryat Luza, a village which was built by the Israeli government for the Samaritans living in Nablus when they encountered hostility from the surrounding Muslims.

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