Gan HaShlosha National Park – Sahne swimming pools in the national park

Gan HaShlosha National Park is located by the Gilboa Mountains. An ancient Arab legend claims the park to be the Garden of Eden.

The Amal River flows through the park, remaining at a constant temperature of 28c year round. The river has been diverted into three lovely pools with waterfalls between the pools. The grounds are filled with flowering shrubs and date palms.


Gan HaShlosha

In 1936, there was an outbreak of anti-Jewish riots, which lasted until 1939. The Jewish leaders at the time attempted to establish additional settlements in areas with a limited Jewish population. The plan was to build a settlement within a day, by bringing in prepared building segments.  The settlements built included wooden cabins, a communal dining room, a clinic, and a watch tower. The settlement in Gan HaShlosha was one of the 57 settlements constructed during this time period. The kibbutz of Nir David (originally known as Tel Amal) was the first kibbutz built in this way on December 10, 1936.

The Amal River

A delegation from the Jewish National Fund came to survey the land by the Jordan river on September 15, 1938. The delegation was comprised of three men:  Dr. David Mosensohn, Aharon Etkin, and Haim Sturman. Their car hit a land mine, and all three were killed. The national park is named for these three; Gan HaShlosha means Park of the Three.

About the Place

Gan HaShlosha has three pools for swimming, complete with a natural Jacuzzi under the waterfalls. The pools and water slides are supervised by lifeguards.

Tel Amal

Tel Amal,  the tower and stockade settlement has been reconstructed as the original in 1936. Visitors can explore the settlement, and view the surrounding area from the tower. A short documentary video of the anti-Jewish riots can be shown to groups, if arranged in advance.

A water powered flourmill was reconstructed. The flourmill also has a collection of old agricultural tools on display.

The Museum of Regional and Mediterranean Archaeology is located on a Canaanite tel. The museum collection includes Estrucan jewelry, Greek tools, metalwork, pottery, and coins. The collection includes local findings as well as findings from Iran and Egypt. The museum is open Sunday-Friday from 8:00-14:00.

the museum

Tip: While the park is crowded in the summer, it is pleasant to swim there in the winter as well, due to the consistently warm water.

Tip: Drive on route 90. Take route 669 west; follow the signs to Gan Ha-Shlosha national park.

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