Ein Evrona Well – Avrona Farmstead and Doum Palms near Eilat

Avrona, or Evrona, was an old farming village near Eilat from the 7th-9th centuries. The inhabitants were able to farm the area due to the underground spring nearby. A deep well was dug, and tunnels carried the water by gravitation to the cultivated fields. The runoff from the rains in the Eilat mountains was also captured by the village inhabitants.

Tel Evrona

Three buildings in the village were excavated as well as the water systems. One of these buildings has two rooms. A pool of water was also excavated nearby.

It is most impressive that the inhabitants were able to create a farm on the desert wasteland. The irrigation systems they used are still used today.

Avrona is mentioned in the Torah, in Numbers 33:34, describing the path taken by the ancient Israelites during their 40 years of wandering in the desert. “And they removed from Yotvata, and encamped at Avrona”.

For this drive, take route 90 north from Eilat until you reach the sign for Ein Evrona. Follow the dirt road until you reach the well of Ein Evrona. Continue on this road to Tel Avrona, where you can see the excavated houses.

doum palms

The road will take you to the Doum Palms as well. These are the northernmost site of this type of Palm tree, which is common in Egypt. The Doum palm has an edible fruit, and its fibres and leaflets are used to weave baskets in some countries.

Tip: Evrona is located about 12 kilometers north of Eilat. To reach Avrona, drive north on route 90 from Eilat and follow the signs to Ein Evrona. You cannot turn towards Evrona from the north, due to the barrier in the road.

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