Dolphin Reef in Eilat – Swim or Dive with the dolphins in Eilat

The Dolphin Reef in Eilat is a unique beach with an enclosed area where people can watch dolphins from floating piers. For an additional fee, visitors can swim with the dolphins or dive with the dolphins.

The Dolphin Reef has a group of bottlenose dolphins. Entering the water with the dolphins allows visitors a chance to view their daily routines from up close. Although visitors are requested not to touch the dolphins, the dolphins often come near enough to do so.

dolphin reef pier

“Swimming with the dolphins” is a guided swim in a group of three visitors with a guide. Snorkeling gear is provided, and the guide ensures that each visitor knows how to use the gear. Holding hands, the visitors kick gently through the water, following the guide who points out the dolphins.

Diving with the dolphins” is also done with a guide, but each diver has a guide accompanying him throughout. Diving gear is also provided, and training is given as needed.

In addition to the dolphins, the coral reef with beautiful fish can also be seen during the swim or dive. Diving or swimming with the dolphins allows the visitors a chance to enter into the dolphins underwater home.

dolphins at play

Tip: Swimming or diving with the dolphins, must be reserved in advance.

Tip: Swimming/snorkeling with the dolphins is permissible from the age of 10.

Tip: Diving/Scuba diving with the dolphins is permissible from the age of 8.

Tip: The beach does not have a lifeguard, but the swimming area is enclosed.

Tip: The dolphin reef is open from 9:00 daily.

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