Flamingoes at Avrona near Eilat – Evrona Salt Ponds are home to flamingoes

The Evrona salt ponds are home to hundreds of flamingoes. Originally the flamingoes stopped in Eilat only briefly, but within a few years, the young began staying. Now, the young flamingos live there that the older flamingos return after winter. The young ones can be recognized as they are white, while the older flamingos are pink.

flamingos at Evrona Salt Ponds

The Evrona salt ponds have a high population of brine shrimp, which is the food eaten by the flamingos which provides them with their pink color.

Tip: Take route 90 north from Eilat, until you see a sign for “Sharsheret Wells”. Follow this road until the Avrona salt ponds at the end of the road. There is a hut where you can sit in the shade while you watch the flamingos.

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