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Nahal Yehudiya Hikes – waterfalls and pools in the Yehudiya Forest Nature Reserve

Nahal Yehudiya is a challenging but fun hike. The hike takes you into the canyon, down the waterfalls, and along the flowing water. The canyon is filled with greenery, so most of the time you are walking in the shade. Wild oleanderis common, casting its pink flowers through the lush greenery.

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Ya’ar HaAyalim Deer Forest – Odem deer forest in the Golan Heights

Ya’ar HaAyalim is a deer forest in Odem in the Golan. The forest has antelope, ibex, red spotted deer and midget deer. Visitors can wander amongst and feed the deer, while learning about the various deer. Visitors can also learn how a shofar is made from the horns of an animal.

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Hurshat Tal National Park – park with man-made swimming pool in Galil

Hurshat Tal national park is located in the Galil, near Kiryat Shmona. One of the tributaries to the Dan River cuts through the park, flowing through a large man-made pool with freezing cold water. The water is 12 degrees C (55F) all year round. The pool is sectioned into a shallow area and two deep areas, and lifeguards are in attendance.

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