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Samaritan Museum in Kiryat Luza – Samaritan museum on Har Gerizim

The Samaritan museum in Kiryat Luza is run by the Samaritan priest, Yefet ben Asher. The museum displays show a Samaritan Torah scroll, Samaritan matza (unleavened bread for the feast of Passover), a succah, and various other artifacts which represent their culture and religion.

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Biriya Fortress in the Galilee – Bnei Akiva and the Palmach built Biriya Fortress

In 1908, Baron Rothschild bought the land for the farmers of Rosh Pina. An attempt to settle the land in 1922 failed; the land was transferred to the JNF. In January of 1945, Palmach members from the Bnei Akiva movement settled the land and built the fortress. In 1946, the British discovered 2 “sliks”, outside the fortress, which were used for hiding weapons. The British evacuated and destroyed the settlement; in their only attempt to erase a Jewish settlement; the settlement became a symbol for the Jews of their determination to settle the land.

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