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Ghetto Fighter’s House – Holocaust museum in Kibbutz Lochamei HaGetaot

The Ghetto Fighter’s House is a holocaust museum in Lochamei HaGetaot in the Upper Galilee.  The museum commemorates both the holocaust and Jewish heroism during the holocaust.

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Connecting Path from Yad VaShem to Har Herzl – Path from Holocaust to New State

The connecting path between Yad VaShem and Har Herzl brings us from the years after the Holocaust to the creation of the state of Israel. The path, which is an easy stroll, is marked by historical signs which explain the major Jewish events leading up to the state. One of the markers, depicting the declaration of Independence, includes a recording of Ben Gurion’s famous speech. Later markers show the Arab attacks on Israel immediately afterwards.

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Chamber of the Holocaust – Jerusalem holocaust museum on Mount Zion

The Chamber of the Holocaust is the oldest museum dedicated to the commemoration of the horrors of the holocaust. This museum was built in 1949 by Holocaust survivors. It is located on Mount Zion, known in Hebrew as Har Tzion, just outside the old city of Jerusalem.

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