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Abuhav Synagogue in Safed – Sephardi Synagogue with Ancient Torah Scroll

The “Great Synagogue” of Safed was built in the 16th century for the Sephardic Jews of the town. It was destroyed in the earthquake of 1759. Only the ancient torah scroll, which tradition says was written by the 15th century scholar Rabbi Yitzchak Abuhav survived.

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Naburiya synagogue in Biriya Forest – Navoriya ancient synagogue in the Galilee

The town of Naburiya, also known as Nevoraya, was occupied during the first and second temple periods. It was then abandoned for about 200 years before it was resettled by Jews. The village was mentioned in the Talmud. The ancient synagogue dates to the Roman period, sometime between the 2nd and 4th c CE, and was used until the 7th c CE.

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Ancient city of Gamla – Gamla National Park in the Golan

The ancient city of Gamla is located in the Golan, in the Gamla national park. Gamla was a Jewish city from the 2nd century BCE, and the first city to fight against the Romans in the Jewish Revolt against Rome (66-73 CE). Sometimes referred to as the Masada of the north, the city was conquered and destroyed in 67 CE.

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