Mazor Roman Mausoleum – Mazor National Park

This well preserved Roman mausoleum was a family burial vault used in the 4th century. The building has a temple-like façade. Inside are the remains of two sarcophagi. The entrance would have been sealed with a stone door at the time of usage as a burial chamber.

Mazor mausoleum

Mazor mausoleum

A mihrab was added in the southern wall during the early Arab period. The site became holy to the Muslims who called it “Makam Nebe Yihya”; this explains why the building was not destroyed

A columbarium was added in a side room; the pigeons raised there may have been used for food or for pagan rites. The columbarium was entered by ladder from an entrance high in the eastern wall

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Karen Dennis April 12, 2016

Thanks for the amazing tour of Caesarea and Zichron Yaakov. It's hard to believe that in all the times I visited Israel, I have never been to either. You were so informative, engaging and fun! Where are we going next? Continue Reading

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Sheri June 5, 2016

What an amazing tour!  Our hike through Tel Gezer was wonderful!  Shira was so knowledgeable about the history and archaeology of the area.  She was also able to relate to the everyone in the group- both young and old.  We all learned so much and had a great time doing so!

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