Etzel Museum in Tel Aviv – Irgun Zvai Leumi Museum in Tel Aviv

Etzel, also known as the Irgun Zvai Leumi, was founded in 1931 by Avraham Tehomi. It is, however, generally associated with Ze’ev Jabotinsky. Jabotinsky explained how Zionism needed a military force, which was used against the British and the Arabs during the fight for an independent Jewish country. The Etzel was also involved in the struggle for free immigration for Jews to Palestine.


Etzel emblem

From 1931-1939, Etzel fought against the Arabs who attacked Jewish settlements and villages throughout the country. In 1939, when the British limited Jewish immigration, Etzel began to fight against the British as well. These activities against the British, put “Palestine” on the UN agenda in 1947.

The Museum

The museum has three sections, a film and two exhibits. The film explains the context for the Etzel’s formation, showing what was occurring in the country at the time.

The exhibit on the top floor of the museum contains a photographic display of the Etzel members, as well as newspaper clippings from the time. There are some additional displays of Etzel artifacts, such as guns or other items used by the Etzel members.

King David Hotel in Jerusalem after the Etzel attack

The exhibit on the bottom floor of the museum portrays the many Etzel missions, showing the strategy for each attack and how it played out.

Tip: The museum is located at 38 King George Street in Tel Aviv.

Tip: The museum is open on Sunday-Thursday from 8:00-16:00, Fridays from 8:30-12:00

Tip: There is an entrance fee.

Tip: It is advisable to see the film first, because otherwise the exhibits are confusing.

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  1. Deborah Shlian

    I am American. My uncle Isaachar vagman was a member of the Irgun and was killed on November 1, 1945 (The Night of the Trains). His girlfriend was named Deborah and was also a member of the Irgun. I don’t know her last name or if she is still alive. I am researching a book about my uncle and need more information. Can you direct me to the appropriate resources? Thanks, Deborah Shlian, MD, MBA

  2. Raphael Blum

    I am trying to get wall size posters of Zeev Zabotinsky and Menachem Begin.
    We intend to get these posters framed and mounted on walls.
    Can you please assist us in acquiring such posters by referring us to someone in Israel or the US who handles such items.
    Thank you,
    Raphael Blum

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